Kyle's Giesha Sleeve

Started this back in October of 2009. I have 5 sleeves in progress as of right now. This one is the first finished one (I'm still probably going to go back in and hit a few more places with some soft stuff) but here it is. Click the image to view it in a larger resolution.

New Tattoos, Excited!

I got to finally finish the two-headed pegasus that I started on a while back. And once again, another fun jammer on my friend Jeff Money. Two very fun tattoos. Did I mention these were fun?

Daggers. Geishas. Geishas with Daggers.

Alex and his girlfriend Mary came through for some nice tattoos. They both were like, "What do you have drawn up that you'd like to do?"... I love it when people come through and get those pieces. I hook them up on the price, and they leave with a bitchin' tattoo. Win all around.

Stress-free Flash Sessions

I just went at this sheet and had fun. I've been working on large scale pieces lately, so not much to show on the jammy jam tip. Just trying to get my art and convention preparation together. Hopefully I can update with some fire this week!

I'm gonna scare away my female clientele!

So my lovely girlfriend said that if I keep doing all of this pseudo-demonic, manly-man, boy tattoo designs... I'll scare away all of my potential female clientele. And it's a fact that women get tattooed more-so than men these days. So to all the ladies out there who would like to see me create more dainty, feminine designs... I got y'all next round. In the mean time... here's a fucking Reaper.

Very much alive, Just checking in...

Hey everyone. I've been absent on here for a good while, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. I've actually been working on a lot of sleeves, and not so much on actual jammers. It's a good thing though. I'm very excited to work on these, and double excited that people are liking my work so much that they're giving me their whole arm to work on. Here's a sneak peak at one part that I recently got to jam out on for a few.

I hope to start working on quite a bit of art as well. My beautiful lady and I have just moved into a new pad, and I've been getting my new art station in top condition.

Well that's it for now. Sorry for the lack of updates. I'll try and get back on the ball. The motivation's there... just gotta get on it! Holla.


Bigger Projects...

A sneak peek at what I banged out on one of my clients earlier today (yesterday technically). I can't wait until all of these bigger pieces get finished.

Just Having Fun!

A few jammers...

I've still been very busy with larger-scale work, but here are a few that I've managed to pull off aside from all the madness.